Ganjavi, Nezami: Layli and Majnun

Ganjavi, Nezami: Layli and Majnun

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Translated by Dick Davis (Penguin Books, paperback)

Publication Date: February 9, 2021

Publisher Marketing: The Persian epic that inspired Eric Clapton's unforgettable love song "Layla" and that Lord Byron called the Romeo and Juliet of the East, in a masterly new translation.

The iconic love story of the Middle East, by a twelfth-century Persian poet who has been compared to Shakespeare for his subtlety, inventiveness, and dramatic force, Layli and Majnun tells of star-crossed lovers whose union is tragically thwarted by their families and whose passion continues to ripple out across the centuries. Theirs is a love that lasts a lifetime, and in Nezami's immortal telling, erotic longing blends with spiritual self-denial in an allegory of Sufi aspiration, as the amenities of civilization give way to the elemental wilderness, desire is sublimated into a mystical renunciation of the physical world, and the soul confronts its essence. This is a tour de force of Persian literature, in a translation that captures the extraordinary power and virtuosity of the original.