Jäderlund, Ann / Goransson, Johannes (tr.): Lonespeech

Jäderlund, Ann / Goransson, Johannes (tr.): Lonespeech

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Nightboat Books, paperback

Publication Date: May 21, 2024

Translated by: Johannes Goransson

Publisher Marketing: An elemental, uncanny collection of poems translated from one of Sweden's most influential and beloved poets. In Lonespeech, Ann Jäderlund rewires the correspondence between writers Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan into a series of stark, runic poems about the fraught act of communication and its failures. Forsaking her reputation as a baroque poet, Jäderlund uses simple words and phrases in favor of an almost childlike simplicity, giving her poems, on first glance, the appearance of parables: mountains, sunlight, rivers, aortas. Upon closer inspection, the poems glitch, bend, and torque into something else, enigmatic and forceful, lending them, as Jäderlund says, the force of "clear velocity."