Agodon, Kelli Russell: Hourglass Museum

Agodon, Kelli Russell: Hourglass Museum

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Hourglass Museum by Kelli Russell Agodon (White Pine Press, paperback)

Publication Date: February 11, 2014

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"Lyrical, intelligent, magical, and honest, the poems are both of this world and out of this world. Her uniquely true and mystical voice is like a glass of pure water: refreshing, healing, and oh, so necessary."--Nin Andrews

"Her poems are an intense vision of the power of art to heal, to help us understand ourselves and our world. Agodon invokes artists as disparate as Kahlo and Cornell, Picasso and Pollock, as a way into the world she creates for us in her deft and musical poems. She brilliantly succeeds."--Wyn Cooper