Albiach, Anne-Marie: Figured Image

Albiach, Anne-Marie: Figured Image

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Figured Image by Anne-Marie Albiach. Translated from the French by Keith Waldrop (Post-Apollo Press, paperback)

Publication Date: October 1, 2006

Publisher Marketing: "Anne-Marie Albiach's words are never alone on the page, having each other for company, just as they find here ideal companionship in Keith Waldrop's translation. In Figurations de l'image, Albiach pursues her rigorous investigation into the possibilities of measure, the perceptible, luminescence, vulnerability, memory, contour, ardor, breath, oscillation, remonstration, trajectory, disparity, abstraction, antecedence, disparity, refraction, trace, tapestry, rehearsal, reverberation, and the irreparable. In these poems, the figures refute image as they bank, relapse, surge, palsy, recollect. Albiach scores space to twine time, abjures rhyme to make blank shimmer in the mark."—Charles Bernstein

"In FIGURED IMAGE, Keith Waldrop has created perfectly lucid translations, making available to readers of English the most significant compilation of Anne-Marie Albiach's work since her MEZZA VOCE (The Post-Apollo Press, 1988). Waldrop's limpid immediacy negotiates with deliberate grace the complexities of Albiach's lexicon."—Donald Wellman