[10/01/2021] Earth on Earth by Bin Ramke

[10/01/2021] Earth on Earth by Bin Ramke

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Omnidawn, paperback

Publication Date: October 1, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Poems that personally engage with the materiality and danger of earth.

A kind of translation of the thousand-year-old poem "Earth Took of Earth," this book is an attempt to restate in personal, emotional terms a sense of both the danger of and the consolation given by earth itself. Many of these poems arose during a collaboration with the ecologist-ceramicist Mia Mulvey: her work with earth, clay often extruded through digitally guided machinery, echoes Ramke's attempts to understand damages done to and celebrate the facts of earth--for instance, that geosmin, the scent of wet soil, is so powerfully recognizable even in trace amounts. The title of this book is also a play on the phrase "heaven on earth," turning this idea around and encouraging us to instead turn our hopes toward earth on earth.