[11/01/23] Meister, Ernst: Uncollected Later Poems (1968-1979)

[11/01/23] Meister, Ernst: Uncollected Later Poems (1968-1979)

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Wave Books, paperback

Publication Date: November 1, 2023

Publisher Marketing: In these skillful new translations by poet Graham Foust and scholar Samuel Frederick, whose work has previously been shortlisted for the National Translation Award in Poetry, each line is gnomic yet ample, opening spaces of reflection on mortality and infinity.

Now preserved in this portable, English-language volume, these poems from Georg Büchner Prize winner Ernst Meister's last decade are oracular and entrancing. While the collections previously published by Wave-- Of Entirety Say the Sentence, In Time's Rift, and Wallless Space--provide expansive access to Meister's late work, Uncollected Later Poems (1968-1979) delivers granular, endlessly rewarding profundities.