Njanji, Itai David: Reflections

Njanji, Itai David: Reflections

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Publication Date: June 10, 2022

Publisher's Marketing:

Reflections - A book of Poems, is an extraordinary tale of resilience, perseverance, and unexpected success in a poetic memoir. Itai David takes the reader on a journey growing up in Africa, losing his parents, winning a cricket scholarship, and migrating to America. His approach to poetry is dramatic while being soulful, combining traditional techniques and infusing Imagery from his African roots. He is a critic yet pragmatist. His American poems call out issues of Race, Rights, and Spirituality. He transports the reader through his travel poems authored in many countries such as Spain, UK, Netherlands,Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, and UAE while weaving together themes that connect the human experience. He is a risk taker experimenting with 3 languages in his poems (English, Spanish and Shona) capturing the reader without overburdening them. Reflections is a breath of fresh air that redefines modern poetry, drawing insights from different cultures, countries, and languages and yet is accessible. In this book, Itai David has achieved something rare by turning a book into a work of art.

What others are saying:

In 2006 Itai was on a cricket scholarship when he featured in my documentary Bowling for Zimbabwe. Since then he’s escaped a life of poverty, travelled across the world and forged a career heading global projects at big tech companies like Amazon. Itai’s poems are a heartfelt and soulful insight into his life’s journey, inspiring us with a powerful message that with faith anything is possible. - Dom Vukovic Journalist Sydney Australia