Bagdanov, Kristin George: Diurne

Bagdanov, Kristin George: Diurne

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Diurne by Kristin George Bagdanov (Tupelo Press, paperback)

Publication Date: September 1, 2019

Publisher Marketing: Winner of the Sunken Garden Poetry Prize, chosen by Timothy Donnelly. DIURNE is a procedural project, "a line each hour of waking / a poem each day of making," that explores how poetry is durational rather than inspirational, work rather than epiphany. It is part autobiography, part journalism, part theory, and part apology for not being traditional "poetry."

"Whip-smart, allusive, aphoristic, cheekily instructive...shot with lyricism, endlessly playful, intimate, anxious, and often laugh-out-loud funny, DIURNE achieves with great grace and relative efficiency what the best examples of its subgenre have to offer: it limns a sense of consciousness through whatever's at hand as it places the noteworthy on equal footing with the banal."—Timothy Donnelly