Countryman, Liz: A Forest Almost

Countryman, Liz: A Forest Almost

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A Forest Almost by Liz Countryman (Subito Press, paperback)

Publication Date: November 15, 2017

Publisher Marketing: Poetry. Moving from suburban spaces to the chaos of New York City and back again, the speaker of A FOREST ALMOST delights and despairs in a feeling of instability and flux. Memories are stirred up and confronted by a weird and equivocal world of metaphor as the poems move among different angles of sight and moments in time. By turns wry and ecstatic, epistolary and in search of a missing listener, these poems impart the threat and excitement of breaching one's own isolation.

"Liz Countryman makes a charming sort of grace out of soul-searching—one part bemused, one part anxious, one part moves..." —David Rivard

"[B]e warned: this is a book that will test your ethics...canny, contentious, richly idiosyncratic..." —Rusty Morrison