Hejinian, Lyn & Leslie Scalapino: Hearing

Hejinian, Lyn & Leslie Scalapino: Hearing

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Litmus Press, paperback

Publication Date: March 22, 2021

Publisher Marketing: "The forming of the five senses is a labor of the entire history of the world down to the present."—Karl Marx

HEARING is the long-awaited second book in a series of collaborations by Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino organized around each of the five senses. Their first collaboration in this series, Sight, was published by Edge Books in 1999. Hejinian and Scalapino were nearing the completion of HEARING when Leslie Scalapino died in 2010. Ten years later, the book is published for the first time with a preface by Hejinian and an afterword by Judith Goldman.