Limón, Ada: The Carrying

Limón, Ada: The Carrying

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Milkweed Editions, paperback

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

"The stunning follow-up to Bright Dead Things, Ada Limón’s fifth collection, The Carrying, is full of the scenes and stories she’s so apt at telling. Romantic and irreverent, this book is a book of generations—past, present, the potential that is the future. These poems are born of leaves and stardust and invite readers to see the world through those lenses. These poems are car drives to horse races and to the airport, to physical therapy and through the landscape of dreams. These poems are the meditations on every day and the throb of looking for more life in the face of death. The pragmatic lives alongside the surprising to build a constellation of histories (the speaker’s, language, the animals at the edge of the field). Poems here shine when confronting this world’s strangeness and what’s found in strangers: Despair. Grief. And the promise that lives within hope."

—Abi Pollokoff