[05/31/2022] Moving a Stone: Selected Poems of Yam Gong

[05/31/2022] Moving a Stone: Selected Poems of Yam Gong

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Translated by James Shea & Dorothy Tse (Zephyr Books, paperback)

Publication Date: May 31, 2022

Publisher Marketing: A working-class poet in Hong Kong blends philosophy and everyday concerns as he observes local life, family, aging, labor, and contemporary politics.

Yam Gong is a leading Hong Kong poet who has worked as a laborer since adolescence and produced most of his poetry during off-hours. His signature style includes incorporating literary allusions, casual speech, prayers, slang, Cantonese word-play, English song lyrics, and news reports into his poems. This debut bilingual volume (Chinese and English on facing pages) collects early poems as well as many from the last decade, including some focused on the Umbrella Protests of 2014. Moving a Stone is the fourth title in Zephyr's Hong Kong Atlas series, the only series in the world to showcase Hong Kong poetry in English.