[05/31/2022] Paradise Close: A Novel by Lisa Russ Spaar

[05/31/2022] Paradise Close: A Novel by Lisa Russ Spaar

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Persea Books, hardcover

Publication Date: May 31, 2022

Publisher Marketing: In 1971, orphan Marlise Schade--fourteen, anorectic, and evicted from the psychiatric hospital her trust fund can no longer support--finds herself alone in an ancestral home during a blizzard. Marlise's struggles to survive there become the focal point for a host of imperiled figures, living and dead, whose stories intersect with hers and with forces roiling the U.S. in the '70s.

Decades later, on the brink of Trump's America, sixty-something Tee Handel is shaken by an inexplicable visitation. For years he's nursed a deep hurt over his breakup with a captivating artist, spending his days and nights in solitude tinkering with antique clocks. What's become of the artist, and how Tee reacts to his mysterious guest, testifies to the risk and inexorability of change.

These two seemingly unrelated tales entwine to show how the wages of the past are always with us, as are the dangerous and redemptive consequences of secrets confided and withheld.