[09/21/2021] O.B.B. by Paolo Javier

[09/21/2021] O.B.B. by Paolo Javier

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Illustrated by Ernest Concepcion & Alex Tarampi (Nightboat Books, paperback)

Publication Date: September 21, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Crafted through years-long collaborations, O.B.B. is a postcolonial techno dream pop comics poem.

O.B.B. aka The Original Brown Boy has many identities: it is a comics poem and a manifesto on comics poetry; an experimental comic book sequel to a poem twenty years in the making; and an homage to the Mimeo Revolution, weird fiction, Kamishibai, the political cartoon, Pilipinx komiks history, and the poet bpNichol. Javier deconstructs a post-9/11 Pilipinx identity, amid the lasting fog of the Philippine American War, to compose a far-out comic book awit.