[09/21/2021] Masses on Radar by David O'Meara

[09/21/2021] Masses on Radar by David O'Meara

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Coach House Books, paperback

Publication Date: September 21, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Words like radio waves, bouncing off the spectres of mortality, middle age, and the mundane.

Arriving at middle age was a decisive experience for David O'Meara, standing equidistant to the past and future with its accompanying doubts and anticipations, inviting re-evaluation of past goals, confronting personal loss, and the death of his father and friends. These are the masses on radar, indistinct but detectable existential presences encroaching, and in the center of the radar is the lyric 'I' sweeping its adjacent experience. Poems like I Carry a Mouse to the Park Beside the Highway, I Keep One Eye Open and One Eye Closed, and I Sleep as the Volcano Ash Falls like Snow," usher the reader through thematic corridors of memory, fracture, and recovery. Embracing uncertainty and incorporating seasonal forecasts, humour, trivia, satire, politics, the environment, loss, and the mundane, these poems are a detection system signaling a paradox of meanings.