[10/21/2021] Gut by Amanda Larson

[10/21/2021] Gut by Amanda Larson

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Omnidawn, paperback

Publication Date: October 21, 2021

Publisher Marketing: These poems follow the aftermath of and recovery from trauma.

Amanda Larson's Gut begins with an epigraph from Frank O'Hara: "Pain always produces logic, which is very bad for you." From there, Larson launches an unflinching interrogation of how a young woman maintains agency in the wake of trauma, violence, and desire. Larson spins a conversation between works of feminist theory--including the those of Cathy Caruth, Susan Bordo, Patricia Hill Collins, Anne Carson, Hélène Cixous, and bell hooks--and her own experiences. The book moves through Larson's recovery while questioning the limits of the very term and of language as a whole. She employs a variety of different forms, including prose, Q&A poems, and a timeline, reflecting both the speaker's obsession with control and her growing willingness to let it go. With a measured voice, Larson finds a path for how to move beyond logic during processes of trauma and recovery.