[10/21/2021] Often, Common, Some, and Free by Samuel Amadon

[10/21/2021] Often, Common, Some, and Free by Samuel Amadon

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Omnidawn, paperback

Publication Date: October 21, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Poems considering ever-present transformations and resisting destruction.

This is a book about transformation. Moving across varied formal and aesthetic terrains, these poems take on the subject of change, considering the construction and demolition of buildings, roaming between cities, and drawing together an image of a world in flux. The speaker is in movement--walking, flying, swimming, and taking the train, while also constantly twisting in his sentences, turning into different versions of himself, and braiding his voice with others. These poems take on subjects that encompass creation and loss from Robert Moses's career transforming the cityscape of New York to the robbery of works from Boston's Gardner Museum. But, ultimately, these poems aim to resist destruction, to focus on the particular, and to hold still their world and their ever-shifting speaker.