[09/22/20] Affrilachia by Frank X. Walker

[09/22/20] Affrilachia by Frank X. Walker

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Old Cove / Ohio University Press, paperback

Publication Date: September 22, 2020

Publisher Marketing: "This classic, canonical work of African American and Appalachian poetry portrays award-winning poet Frank X. Walker's journey growing up "Affrilachian" in rural Kentucky.

In this fierce debut collection, poet Frank X. Walker tells the story of growing up young, Black, artistic, and male in one of America's most misunderstood geographical regions. As a proud Kentucky native, Walker created the word "Affrilachia" to render visible the unique intersectional experience of African Americans living in the rural and Appalachian South.

Since its publication in 2000, Affrilachia has seen wide classroom use, and is recognized as one of the foundational works of the Affrilachian Poets, a community of writers offering new ways to think about diversity in the Appalachian region and beyond."