[08/16/2022] When the Night Agrees to Speak to Me by Ananda Devi

[08/16/2022] When the Night Agrees to Speak to Me by Ananda Devi

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Translated by Kazim Ali (Phoneme Media, paperback)

Publication Date: August 16, 2022

Publisher Marketing: A poetic, autobiographical collection from famed Mauritanian writer Ananda Devi, engaging with loneliness, desire, violence, and aging.

“I’m sick of biting off and chewing this dust, of scratching with my thin claws, searching for some chunk of literary gold to hell with all the disarrayed images of our homelands reflections of our particular misery.”

From eminent Mauritanian writer Ananda Devi, a collection that transgresses genre lines with poetic, autobiographical flow. The pieces herein address the resonance of personal memories and regrets, the political world, and sexuality. In light of the complexity of human identity, Devi emphasizes the importance of each word chosen, speaking directly to the reader and asking them to “peel back my skin. Unclothe me of myself.”