Tuck, Zoe: Bedroom Vowel

Tuck, Zoe: Bedroom Vowel

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Bunny, paperback

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

Publisher Marketing: Consisting of lyric love letters to friends and musings on daily desire, nostalgia, and thirst for connection, Bedroom Vowel traces the development of an everyday philosophy formed in the social life of a creative mind.

The poems in Bedroom Vowel are chatty and slippery, taking quick turns from casual conversation about breakfast to the commodification of identity. These are poems that frequently contemplate the sensuous qualities of language, and participate in them as a bulwark against (or a spell to transform) misfortune.

In Bedroom Vowel, Tuck uncovers the ugly feelings of living through a pandemic on capitalism's watch. In equal measure, she delivers us an intimate portrait of the life she fashions around and against the zeitgeist.