Armantrout, Rae: Finalists

Armantrout, Rae: Finalists

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Wesleyan University Press, paperback

Publication Date: March 8, 2022

Publisher Marketing: A double book by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Rae Armantrout

What will we call the last generation before the looming end times? With Finalists Rae Armantrout suggests one option. Brilliant and irascible, playful and intense, Armantrout nails the current moment's debris fields and super computers, its sizzling malaise and confusion, with an exemplary immensity of heart and a boundless capacity for humor. The poems in this book find (and create) beauty in the midst of the ongoing crisis.


What's to like
if not contrast?

Shadows beneath
the model's sharp

cheekbones, her ample
yet precise lips.

Clean lines separating
from its opposite.

This is not
what I want

to want.

These eyes
on the hypothetical