Kellebrew, Liz: Water Signs

Kellebrew, Liz: Water Signs

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Unsolicited Press, paperback

Publication Date: September 13, 2022

Publisher Marketing: Written while riding the ferry across Puget Sound, Liz Kellebrew's poems explore the liminal places between cities and forests, animals and people, the sky and the sea. This gorgeous and impactful debut gazes unflinchingly at the twin crises of climate change and human hubris, urging us to look closer at the creatures who co-exist with us in the space between wild and tame.

Whether it's a salmon riding in the trough between waves, a cormorant flexing on a harbor buoy, a tourist on the ferry, or a toad on the ridge of a nebula somewhere in the Milky Way, we are prompted to ask, What is the wavelength of a soul? What new ways of being will emerge as our world changes? Will we embrace the bodies of the unknowable future?

With equal parts wonder and humor, Kellebrew calls our attention to the strangeness and beauty of nature and our place in it, inviting us to fall in love with this open book called living.