Cho A., Sean: American Home

Cho A., Sean: American Home

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Autumn House Press, paperback

Publication Date: October 21, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Cho A.'s poetry wonders at small everyday delights.

Sean Cho A.'s debut poetry chapbook directs a keen eye on everyday occurrences and how these small events shape us as individuals. This collection is filled with longing for love, understanding, and simplicity. But these poems also express great pleasure in continued desire. With exuberant energy that flows through the collection, the speaker announces: "I won't apologize for the smallness of my delights." Filled with questions and wonder, these poems revel in the unknowing and liminal spaces, and we as readers are invited to join in this revelry. Cho A.'s poetry reminds and allows us to pause, to wonder, and enjoy our many pleasures.

American Home was selected by Danusha Laméris for the 2020 Autumn House Chapbook Prize.

"The voice in American Home is surprising, odd, and subtle. These poems of place and displacement have echoes of Ilya Kaminsky in their associative wildness. Of the staccato leaps of Victoria Chang. And their own, home-grown existential reckoning. Fig trees trained to grow in simulated Martian air live here alongside bowerbirds and hidden butter knives. I can't resist their allure and unanswerable questions."--Danusha Laméris, author of Bonfire Opera