Coolidge, Sarah (ed): Visible: Text + Image (Calico #6)

Coolidge, Sarah (ed): Visible: Text + Image (Calico #6)

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Two Lines Press, paperback

Publication Date: September 27, 2022

Publisher Marketing: Brimming with enigmatic photographs, future memes, and mud drawings, Visible showcases six genre-defying works from around the world that raise questions about the relationship between how we see, how we read, and how we write in "the age of the calligram." In a rewrite of René Magritte's "Les mots et les images," Verónica Gerber Bicecci (translated by Christina MacSweeney) considers "images that think" and the internet. Marie NDiaye's "Step of a Feral Cat," translated by Victoria Baena, follows an academic, inspired by a portrait of an entertainer, as she walks the slippery space between literary ambition and exploitation. Monika Sznajderman (translated by Scotia Gilroy) assembles a fractured family history through photographs of a time she can never possibly know: "the pre-Holocaust world." Focusing on those whose stories have yet to be told--the black Cuban singer Maria Martinez, a Polish family murdered in World War II, workers at a noodle shop in Busan, and the tallest man in recorded history-- Visible asks us to interrogate the thin traces of shifting meaning we find in and between words and images, and how we can change that meaning for the future.

Contributor(s): Coolidge, Sarah (Editor) , Ndiaye, Marie (Author) , Baena, Victoria (Translator) , Gerber Bicecci, Verónica (Author) , Macsweeney, Christina (Translator) , Yi, Sangwoo (Author) , Won, Emily Yae (Translator) , Flores Sánchez, Rodrigo (Author) , Myers, Robin (Translator) , Sznajderman, Monika (Author) , Gilroy, Scotia (Translator) , Monchoachi (Author) , Fishman, Eric (Translator) , Damoison (Photographer) , Bopape, Dineo Seshee (Artist)