Abani, Chris: Hands Washing Water

Abani, Chris: Hands Washing Water

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Copper Canyon Press

Publication Date: October 1, 2006

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"Chris Abani's poetry resonates with a devastating beauty which cuts through to the heart of human strength."--Pride

Hands Washing Water is Chris Abani's fourth poetry collection--a mischievous book of displacement, exile, ancestry, and subversive humor. The central section, "Buffalo Women," is a Civil War correspondence between lovers that plays on our assumptions about war, gender, morality, and politics.

Sweetest Henri,
I know we promised to be honest,
one to the other, but your recent missive,
though welcome as any epistle from you,
filled me with a dread that clung
like dampness to wet wood. I am terrified
for your immortal soul, dear sweet Henri.
This mad war of Lincoln is infecting you
with a sickness too depraved to even address. . .

Abani's writing is ruthless, at times traumatic, and consistently filled with surprising twists and turns.