Coolidge, Sarah (ed.): Elektriks: Caribbeann Writing

Coolidge, Sarah (ed.): Elektriks: Caribbeann Writing

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Two Lines Press, paperback

Var. translators

Publication Date: September 26, 2023

Contributor(s): Coolidge, Sarah (Editor) , Jean-Gilles, Mireille (Author) , Octavia, Gaël (Author) , Kanor, Fabienne (Author) , Agnant, Marie-Célie (Author) , Mars, Kettly (Author) , Bonhomme, Adlyne (Author) , Dracius, Suzanne (Author) , Dambury, Gerty (Author)

Publisher Marketing: What does it mean to be Caribbean in the 21 st century? Is it imprinted in the landscape, the language, or is it perhaps, in the words of Mireille Jean-Gilles (tr. Eric Fishman), "a place that lives in me, and that I unfurl, like a nomad his tent, in each place where I live"? In Elektrik, eight female writers from Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe explore the beauty, pain, and complexity wrapped up in their identity. An undercurrent of silence pervades each story, each poem: a group of women walking silently along the shore, forgotten by the world; a waitress who doesn't dare stand up to her abusive boss; a teenager discovering her sexuality in the shadow of her more outgoing twin sister; and a poet who summons a chorus of sirens, only to warn them: "Keep your voices' beauty from waylaying sailors." In glittering translations from French, Elektrik is a celebration of writing at its very best, of language as defiance.