Daley, Michael: Reinhabited: New & Selected Poems

Daley, Michael: Reinhabited: New & Selected Poems

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Dos Madres Press

Publication date: February 25, 2022

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The poems in REINHABITED have survived a slow burn through four and a half decades. Five slim collections, the first and second twenty-five years apart, adhere to an ethic of place which runs through: The Straits, To Curve, Moonlight in the Redemptive Forest, Of a Feather, and Born With. Though far-ranging in their settings and themes, Michael Daley's New & Selected Poems embody a deep bicoastal commitment through reminiscent descriptions of the New England where he grew up, and through meditations on his adopted home, the Pacific Northwest, where the practice of the art of poetry has sustained him. The spirit of a wanderer praising wilderness, the wind, cloud mass, human community, the hearty lives of plants and animals, rings through these poems. Romance With the Unexpected, a long discursive poem, anchors REINHABITED on the high seas of spiritual awakening.