Fontela, Orides: One Impossible Step

Fontela, Orides: One Impossible Step

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Nightboat Books, paperback

Translated by Chris Daniels

Publication Date: November 14, 2023

Publisher Marketing: A selection of extraordinarily condensed, emotionally complex, philosophical poems by one of the most unique and highly regarded 20th century Brazilian poets.

In her lifetime, Orides Fontela resisted all labels, all attempts to situate her work in a particular movement, school, tendency, or tradition. Here, in her first ever English-language collection, Fontela's poetry continues to defy easy categorization. In these concise, meditative poems, Fontela's bird and flower, water and stone, blood and star can be read as symbols, indicating a possible tendency toward mysticism. Including an illuminating statement of poetics and excerpts from her often acerbic interviews, One Impossible Step introduces English-language audiences to an iconoclast who remains one across languages and decades.