Joris, Pierre: Fox-trails, -tales & -trots

Joris, Pierre: Fox-trails, -tales & -trots

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Black Fountain Press

Publication Date: July 1, 2020

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Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Essay. FOX-TRAILS, -TALES & -TROTS, takes us to Luxembourg and New York on the trail of 'Renert' and other foxes. Mirroring healing and writing, hunting and translating, Pierre Joris explores the meanings of identity, migration, language and literary creation in this assemblage of essayistic and poetic texts.

"Pierre Joris' poetic and essayistic work is an expression of his tireless and versatile exploration of the transcendence of borders in an attempt to achieve a cosmopolitan vision. (...) (He is) a theorist of nomad art, a wordsmith and an optimistic utopian, who believes in the magic of language and who invigorates it—in times of rising nationalisms, Joris responds to insularity with the affirmation of mutual respect and dialogue."—Jury of the 2020 Prix Batty Weber Luxembourg