Moore, Katrinka: Diminuendo

Moore, Katrinka: Diminuendo

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Pelekinesis, paperback

July 1, 2022

Publisher Marketing: From the entangled cosmos to our present quickening calamity, the central concern of Diminuendo is the making and unmaking of the world. The poems follow celebration —

What keeps us    earth      life

handful of sweet notes     hidden


— with lament —


we believe it was all made

for us     misunderstand

the nature of give and take.


We live in uncertainty, “between earth and sky     ever- / cycling despair and hope.” Despite — or because of — this foreboding, Moore seeks to view the natural world in and of itself, beyond its relationship to humans. This work conceives a realm in which distinctions between animate and inanimate diminish and the boundary between physical and spiritual dissolves.