Neuman, Andrés: Love Training

Neuman, Andrés: Love Training

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Phoneme Media, paperback

Translated by Robin Myers

Publication Date: November 21st, 2023

Publisher Marketing: The poems in LOVE TRAINING are intimate in focus and scale: taut and contemplative, they ruminate on family, exile, romantic love, and the vagaries of human perception. LOVE TRAINING, which gathers poems from several of Andrés Neuman's books into a single unified collection, is divided into three sections. The first, the titular "Love Training," focuses on family (and its history), loss, relationships, love, and a sense of anchoring in the world. The second, "Fictions of Sight," are associated with questions of perception, perspective, and creativity. And the third, "I Don't Know Why" - which is the first phrase of every poem in the section - is a whimsical set of interconnected poems that ask unanswered questions; it serves as a kind of coda to the book. While Andrés Neuman is a celebrated and widely translated novelist, he is also a lucid, sensitive, incisive - and quite prolific - poet. LOVE TRAINING is the first English translation of his poetry.