Hirshfield, Jane: Ledger

Hirshfield, Jane: Ledger

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Knopf, paperback

Publication Date: September 7, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Now in paperback: from the internationally renowned poet--her pivotal book of personal, ecological, and political reckoning tuned toward issues of consequence to all who share this world's current and future fate.

Ledger's pages hold the most important work yet by Jane Hirshfield, one of our most celebrated contemporary poets. From the already much-quoted opening lines of despair and defiance (Let them not say: we did not see it. / We saw), Hirshfield's poems inscribe a registry, both personal and communal, of our present-day predicaments. They call us to deepened dimensions of thought, feeling, and action. They summon our responsibility to sustain one another and the earth while pondering, acutely and tenderly, the crises of refugees, justice, and climate. They consider the minimum mass for a whale, for a language, an ice cap, recognize the intimacies of connection, and meditate upon doubt and contentment, a library book with previously dog-eared corners, the hunger for surprise, and the debt we owe this world's continuing beauty. Hirshfield's signature alloy of fact and imagination, clarity and mystery, inquiry, observation, and embodied emotion has created a book of indispensable poems by a modern master ( The Washington Post).