Fishman, Lisa: 24 Pages and Other Poems

Fishman, Lisa: 24 Pages and Other Poems

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24 Pages and Other Poems by Lisa Fishman (Wave Books, paperback)

Publication Date: April 7, 2015

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Lisa Fishman's sixth book of poetry is centered on bodies and where they are in relation to each other--whether a body is of plant; of person; or of words, and whether a body is personal or civic; singular or collective; alive or dead. The contradictions of lyric unfold, in this most unconventional elegy, by means of perception so steady it can change. 24 Pages and other poems extends backward and forward, with the presence of many, such as John Clare and Friederike Mayröcker, helping along the way.

As if a corridor

could open or the EAR's two missing

letters -- h e a r t -- e a r t h -- wherever

an animal pops out of the water such as a hooded merganser 

appeared to do a somersault diving under, not like a mallard more like a child

or a ball -- it didn't come up
until it did