[09/01/2020] Nufer, Doug w/ Siena, James: Rotalever Revelator

[09/01/2020] Nufer, Doug w/ Siena, James: Rotalever Revelator

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Rotalever Revelator by Doug Nufer with Drawings by James Siena (Sagging Meniscus Press, paperback)

Publication Date: September 1, 2020

Publisher Marketing: Poetry. Art. Illustrated by James Siena. ROTALEVER REVELATOR is a book made from words that spell other words backwards: a giant palindrome that contains poems about geography, dams, swamps, celebrities, eponyms, and the news. There's also a translation of the first part of "Burnt Norton" and a multi-lingual section, "O Rue Euro," with German, French, Italian, and Spanish beating up on English, and vice-versa.

Flip the book over, and you have Revelator Rotalever: the same sequence of letters, differently divided into words and punctuated.

Doug Nufer's stop-at-nothing inventiveness, an object lesson in transforming the merest opportunity into delight, is matched here by James Siena's stylish illustrations.